Tippbarlake Herd 387

Tippbarlake Herd 387 Exmoor Ponies - The Floyd Family

Owned by the Floyd family, Herd 387 runs on Brendon Common, Exmoor National Park
There are sixty registered breeding mares and a number of purebred Exmoor pony mares running over Brendon Common, which offers 1400 hectares (3,500 acres) of free-grazing for the herd, in challenging and varied terrain. 

This is one of the largest areas of 'wilderness' common in Exmoor National Park. Here the Exmoor ponies can retain their natural characteristics and behaviours and evolve, as nature intended, in their indigenous environment. 

The herd originated from ponies bred by the late Bob Westcott (Herd 10), the Ilkerton herd (265) and the Woolhanger herd (350). The Tippbarlake's founding stallion was Wilsham Darcy, who came from the late Bob Westcott. He offered the family the stallion because Kristina Floyd and her father Nigel Floyd helped look after and show his herd, winning the Overall Supreme Championship at the annual Exmoor Pony Society Breed Show at Exford Show. 

The Tippbarlake herd began because the Floyd family wanted to keep the traditional pony gathering on Brendon Common , along with the age old tradition of Brendon Pony Sale. This sale has been in existence for many generations of the Floyd family and will continue for many generations to come. 

The Floyd family also successfully breed TB X Exmoor crosses for pony racing, games ponies and hunting ponies. The part-bred foals grow to about 14 - 15hh and can be viewed at Brendon Barton. 

One of the most famous Tippbarlake ponies is Tippbarlake William, whose spectacular jump was photographed by Horse & Hound, when the Beaufort Hunt passed through his field and he famously decided to join them, jumping two further huge hedges before being persuaded to return to his field!

Exmoor Ponies For Sale
There are moorbred Exmoor foals, offspring of all ages and home-bred Exmoor cross-bred ponies available at certain times of the year. 

Please contact: Mr & Mrs Nigel and Maria Floyd at Brendon Barton, Brendon, Lynton, Exmoor EX35 6LP.  Telephone 01598 741201 or 07974 346755. Email mariafloyd@gmail.com.

Exmoor Stallions Standing

Tippbarlake Jamie - 2006
By Tarquin (014/087-A) out of Patsy (010/094)

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