How to Buy Exmoor Ponies

How to Buy Exmoor Ponies from Exmoor National Park

Find your True Moorland Type Exmoor Pony here on Exmoor
where we know about Good Farming, Good Quality & Good Type

Following the pony gatherings in Oct & Nov, there are a small number of quality Exmoor pony foals and youngstock For Sale. These beautiful Exmoor ponies are born and bred in Exmoor National Park and many will have enjoyed a wonderful, free-living start in life. Others are carefully bred 'in ground' on the farms where great effort is made to enable them to live as naturally as possible in a herd environment.  Whether moorbred or bred in ground, the  Exmoor National Park breeders take great pride in their top quality, authentic Exmoor ponies. 

The newly-weaned Exmoor foals need careful, patient, kind socialisation to human contact so they can make the successful transition to life off the moors. Exmoor ponies are an endangered breed so they are all important. 

If you would like to help an Exmoor pony foal by offering a good home this autumn then please check out the MEPBG Breeders Directory for contact details of Exmoor herd owners. You are also welcome to email the Moorland Exmoor Pony Breeders Group at  

The MEPBG represents Exmoor herd owners Foreland Herd on Countisbury (the North Devon National Trust), Porlock Herd 100 on Porlock Hill (the Coldicutt family), Moorland Herd 99 on Molland Moor (the Dart family), the Exmoor National Park Authority herds, Tippbarlake Herd 387 on Brendon Common (the Floyd family), Withypoole Herd 23 on Withypool and Anstey Commons (the Milton family), Farleywater Herd H67 on Buscombe (the South family), Westwillmer Herd 4 on the Dunkery Commons (M R and S K Westcott)  and Holtball Herd 11 in Porlock Vale (N G and D L Westcott). See links below to individual herd pages.
The MEPBG Breeders Directory
Watch acclaimed German wild horse film-maker, Marc Lubetzki's short film about Exmoor ponies, which he very kindly produced for the MEPBG and the Exmoor ponies of Exmoor National Park - beautiful footage and some very important messages!

See the MEPBG social media pages for latest news on Exmoor ponies For Sale

The MEPBG regularly posts updates and pictures of Exmoor ponies, including ponies For Sale, on the Moorland Exmoor Pony Breeders Group Facebook page. We also welcome enquiries, updates and pictures from Exmoor pony breeders, owners and enthusiasts on the page. 

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