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Foreland Herd 423 Exmoor Ponies - The National Trust

Owned by the National Trust, Foreland Herd 423 runs on Countisbury, Exmoor National Park
Herd 423 was established in 2005 by James Bryant and Roz Leworthy, with the purchase of five mares from the Ilkerton herd of Exmoor ponies. The mares were in foal to Anchor Orange Juice. The National Trust took over the herd in 2017 and has now added the 'Foreland' prefix.

Since 2005, stallions used on the mares have included Tawbitts Golden Treacle, Tawbitts Victor, Acreswild Zeitgeist (Ziggy), Helmantor Hannibal and Hawkwell Great Gatsby. In 2013, there was only one foal as no stallion had been running with the herd in the previous year. This was due to the very sad loss of Acreswild Zeitgeist (known as ‘Ziggy’) in 2011 after he was hit and killed by a car. The roads traversing Exmoor National Park can be a hazard for the ponies and although they are well used to traffic, the odd accident does unfortunately happen. 

Herd 423 is free-living with around twenty five mares and followers, and one stallion. They run in 500 acres of common land known as Countisbury and around 60 acres is part of a ground regeneration scheme to return cultivated land back to moorland.  Countisbury is 1000ft above sea level and, being on the coast, therefore has some dramatic cliffs, particularly near the lighthouse, which the ponies have access to for grazing. There are no boundary fences from the moor to the sea so this area offers a challenging and diverse environment for the ponies, who have to learn to navigate the cliffs and moorland, as well as the busy tourist areas along the main road. 

The most famous Herd 423 pony so far is Bob 423/4 who is a Champion Working Hunter Pony! Exmoor pony gelding Bob is proving to be a fantastic performance pony, with many wins including BSPS, NPS, HOYS, Equifest, etc, as well as a generally brilliant all-rounder. Bob is by Tawbitts Golden Treacle H17/60 (by Ebony) out of Wortleberry 167/9 (by Loganberry A/201)


The 2016 moorbred Herd 423 filly foal, Isobella, stood Champion Foal at the 2015 MEPBG Exmoor Pony Show. In 2014 Herd 423 mare Que Sera Sera stood Supreme Champion of the MEPBG Exmoor Pony Show. 

In February 2017, the MEPBG and Exmoor Pony Project worked with James Bryant to ensure the pedigree registration and successful sale of the foals to good homes - including to Ireland, Germany and in the UK. On 28 February, Herd 423 transferred into the ownership of the National Trust. 

EXMOOR PONIES FOR SALE: There are no Foreland Herd 423 ponies for sale currently.

Location: Countisbury, Lynton, Exmoor, Devon EX35 6NE
Owners: The National Trust c/o Kelly Bezer MRICS, Killerton House, Broadclyst, Exeter, Devon, EX5 3LE. Telephone: 01392 883136. Email

Who to contact about the Exmoor ponies at Countisbury/Kipscombe

Foreland Livestock Action plan
If you receive a call regarding an incident at Countisbury/Kipscombe involving any of the livestock (Exmoor ponies/cattle/sheep please follow the procedure below.
Please record as many details as possible, and at the very least include:
1) Name and contact number of person reporting incident.
2) Details of where the incident has happened
3) What persons are involved and if there are any injuries?
4) If emergency services are required advise caller to make appropriate contact themselves
5) What animals are involved and if there are any injuries?

Please contact one of the following people immediately in order of preference:-
1) Kev Davies - Lead Ranger - 01598763556 or 07802318444 (work)

2) Andrew Leworthy - Contract stockman - 07969129898

3) Marcus Wilde - Area Ranger - 01598763556 or 07974812528 (work)

4) Dan Ford - Ranger - 01598763556 or 07974812529

5) Dan Cameron - Ranger - 01598763556 or 07974812530

6) Josey Field - Ranger - 01598763556 or 07483925052

7) Kelly Bezer - Estate Manager - 01392883136 or 07500766176

Please note that you should hand the incident on to one of the people opposite, as soon as possible, so the numbers below are for information only:-

Kipscombe Livestock Incident:-
1) Ian Carey and James Carey at West country casualties (removal of dead stock and dispatch of injured animals) - 07974740885
and 07837968685.
2) Torch Vets - 01271 879516

Please email all recorded details to

Many thanks for your help and support.

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Photo Gallery - The National Trust's Foreland Herd 423

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