Farleywater Herd H67

Farleywater Herd H67 Exmoor Ponies - The South Family

Owned by the South family, Herd H67 runs on Buscombe, adjacent to Brendon Common, Exmoor National Park
Herd H67 was established in 1981 when Mr and Mrs Len South purchased two fillies from Captain & Mrs Wallace, owners of the Anchor herd. 

The mares were called Salamander (A/250) and Rosehip (A/237-A). 

Mrs South had heard that Exmoor ponies were more endangered than the Giant Panda and she was keen to help with their preservation and conservation. The herd now has around twenty mares, who are all descended from these two fillies and they run in a free-living herd on Buscombe. Originally the herd ran on Brendon Common and were gathered in every spring and put to an Exmoor stallion.

The Farleywater herd has been largely influenced by Anchor stallions such as Loganberry (A/201), Pan (A/237) and Roebuck (A/251). There are also Herd 10 influences from Mousey Boy (10/61) and Wilsham Darcy (10/88). In recent years, Moorland Kingfisher (99/22), Wortleberry (4/76) and Hawkwell Versuvius (12/223).

Each autumn the ponies are gathered off the moors for the foals to be inspected. This is done on horseback by the South family and is a great family tradition. Mrs Len South's son Ian South and his daughter Kate South, bring the herd in, helped by Ian's sister Christine Allen. 

Exmoor Ponies For Sale
The Farleywater Herd has foals and other offspring for sale at certain times of the year. Please contact Mrs Christine Allen at Farley Water Farm, Brendon, Lynton, Exmoor EX35 6LQ. Telephone 01598 741272 and email farleywater@outlook.com.

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