Exmoor Pony Project

The Exmoor Pony Project

Embracing the Moorland Exmoor Foal Project and Exmoor Pony Club, the Exmoor Pony Project is run by Nick and Dawn Westcott at Holt Ball Farm on Exmoor

The Exmoor Pony Project

The Moorland Exmoor Foal Project was founded by Nick and Dawn Westcott in 2013 with an aim to give some of the free-born Moorland Exmoor foals a good start in life. The project supports, encourages and promotes the Moorland breeders and herds of Exmoor National Park - as well as owners and enthusiasts. We work with Exmoor farmers/herd owners who share like-minded objectives in wanting to safeguard the future of pedigree and purebred Exmoor ponies and encourage good handling, welfare and opportunities for the ponies. 
Since 2013, the moorbred Exmoor foals we have taken into the project are maturing and we help both foals and older ponies. We are also working with both moorbred and non-moorbred Exmoor ponies, and breeders, owners and enthusiasts in Exmoor National Park, across the UK and overseas. 
The project has evolved to become "The Exmoor Pony Project". 

Find out more about our work at http://www.wildponywhispering.co.uk

Best-selling Books by Dawn Westcott

Wild Pony Whispering and Wild Stallion Whispering

These best-selling, compelling real-life stories follow the adventures of wild-born Exmoor ponies - starving, orphaned foal Monsieur Chapeau and world champion stallion Bear. Both books contain invaluable horsemanship information about wild pony taming and training, using positive, trust-based methods - and highlight the plight of the endangered Exmoor ponies. 
For more information about Dawn Westcott's books please visit www.wildponywhispering.co.uk

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