About the Heritage Exmoor Pony Festival

The Heritage Exmoor Pony Festival

The Heritage Exmoor Pony Festival is organised by the Moorland Exmoor Pony Breeders Group and Exmoor Pony Project. 

The 2016 Heritage Exmoor Pony Festival, which celebrated the pedigree and purebred Exmoor ponies of Exmoor National Park, proved to be such a success that, for 2017, the organisers are expanding the format. This year's Heritage Exmoor Pony Festival will include Exmoor's moorland farming and other indigenous animals - the Exmoor Horn sheep and Devon Close Wool sheep, Red Devon cattle and the Red Deer, along with the Exmoor ponies.

The Heritage Exmoor Pony Festival will run from May to November, to embrace the free-living Exmoor pony herds and their new born foals in Spring, through to the autumn gatherings of the herds, when the foals are brought in and inspected. The 2017 Calendar of Events will include activities throughout spring, summer and autumn, including shows, farm visits, open afternoons, stud visits, moorland walks, talks, cream teas, specialist workshops (ie, photography, agricultural, equestrian, arts & crafts), social events and pony gatherings. The Calendar will be available on this website, together with information about the Moorland Exmoor Pony Breeders Group and its Exmoor pony herds. 
MEPBG Chairman Nick Westcott said, “We're very pleased to see the Heritage Exmoor Pony Festival going from strength to strength. It’s proving invaluable in helping people to understand the qualities of our indigenous native ponies and also the challenges we face in conserving and preserving them. It promotes awareness that good homes need to be found for some of the wild-born foals in the autumn and that with kind and patient socialisation, new owners are rewarded with the most wonderful ponies that can turn their hoof to almost anything - including endurance, riding, driving, jumping and agility - along with their skills as conservation grazers. The ponies are an iconic part of Exmoor and we’re keen to see more people get involved with the breed. This year we are looking forward to also celebrating and promoting better understanding of Exmoor moorland farming and our indigenous animals.”
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